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About Us

Every day, Dr Phan and the rest of the pleasant, compassionate Vet team, care for a large number of pets.

Every day, new guests arrive with their adorable pets. We never know who will walk, fly, slither, or jump in next, but we do know that they will all be lavished with love and care, as well as a few snacks!

The staff here adores pets and can assist any animal in need, whether it's sick or injured, or just for routine checks to keep them healthy, fit, and active!

Exercise courses, puppy pre-school, and, most importantly, nutritional food, treatments, and toys are all available. And, for some reason, every pet owner is concerned about their pet's oral health - allegedly, some of them have bad breath!

Bring your pets to Vetcare Hawthorn for their best treatment. Book an appointment today!